About Our School

Natchitoches Central High School is located on the Natchitoches Bypass between property owned by NSU and the Louisiana Technical College. It serves students from the Parish Seat of Natchitoches as well as the villages of Provencal, Robeline, Marthaville, Allen, and Cloutierville. All students in Natchitoches who live below the Red River Bridge, with the exception of part of Payne Subdivision, are served by Natchitoches Central High School. The unique aspect of combining students from town with those from the more rural areas has been a duty of both excellence and pride for all stakeholders associated with the school. The history of Natchitoches Central High began with the purpose of inclusion of all. This is still a highlight of the school’s mission.

Mission Statement

To engage everyone in a united effort to provide lifelong learning.

Belief Statement

The faculty and staff of Natchitoches Central High School believe that every student is entitled to an education in a safe, disciplined, and challenging environment. Furthermore, we believe that an education must include not only academics by also basic life skills that will prepare students to live and function successfully in our society. To the end, we believe that Natchitoches Central High School must provide for both college and non-college-bound students. Teachers must inspire students to achieve their full potential by instilling in them a strong work ethic and desire to learn. Students must exhibit self-discipline and not infringe on the rights of other students to learn. Finally, we believe that the responsibility for the success of our students must be assumed by all-administrators, teachers, students, parents, and the community.

History of NCHS

The development of Natchitoches Central High School, like so many schools in the 1960s and early 1970s, began with Federal Court orders to desegregate the two major existing high schools in the city of Natchitoches. To insure a smooth transition, the faculties of both Central High School and Natchitoches High School attended a workshop at Northwestern State University to develop curricula, attitudes, and the necessary internal organizations to promote the total school.

The Natchitoches Parish School System was placed under another court order in 1981 to further desegregate its schools. This led to massive consolidation and assigned 10th through 12th grade students from Natchitoches, Allen, Provencal, Marthaville, and Robeline into the new Natchitoches Central High School facility. Ninth grade students were housed at a nearby facility named Natchitoches Ninth Grade Center and operated under a separate administration. Cooperative planning, with reorganization of scheduling and curriculum, was necessary to insure a smooth transition of faculties, students, and communities into the new educational endeavor. In 1989, Cloutierville High School was closed and those students were assigned to Natchitoches Central High School.

The communities, school board, faculty, students, and parents working together have established an outstanding school. In November 1992, Natchitoches Central High School was one of five Louisiana public high schools nominated for the Blue Ribbon Schools Excellence in Education Award in a national program sponsored by the United States Department of Education.

Major reconstruction began on the facility in 1998 and 24 new rooms were added to the building. The beginning of the 2000 school year marked the consolidation of Natchitoches Central and the Ninth Grade Center and began a new phase in the history of this school.

The CHIEF is the school mascot,

and the school colors are maroon, gold, and white. 

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